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A Little About Me.....

I've been performing personalized wedding ceremonies and vow renewals since 2009. I think I've helped over 400 couples "tie the knot" (Whatever that means!).  

One day while talking with a florist, she told me I should get "ordained" so I could also perform wedding ceremonies. So I did. 

I'm Christian, but I'm not a church pastor. I'm a wedding minister. This allows me to perform any type of ceremony you would like. Christian, non-Christian, non-religious or somewhat religious. It's all about you. Not me!

So What?........

So far, I haven't offended anyone, put someone to sleep or had anyone get up and walk out on a ceremony. I try to make everyone laugh and cry and have a wonderful experience that they will share with their friends. I meet with every couple so we can get to know each other and I can weave their story throughout the ceremony. I can safely say I have never performed the same ceremony twice!

If you decide you want me to perform your ceremony, it is very important that you let me know so I can lock in your date. Several couples have confirmed through the venue, however, did not confirm with me and just "assumed" that I would be there!